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Active Chiropractic Care

10 Years Serving as the go-to Chiropractor in Commack

Active Chiropractic Care provides an encouraging and welcoming atmosphere at our chiropractic office in Commack for all patients to receive high-quality chiropractic care. We aim to help our patients receive the individualized care they need to recover and strive. We take the time to learn about the health concerns of our patients and are genuinely concerned about their well-being. Our chiropractors and our team of assistants at Active Chiropractic Care are waiting to welcome you to our Commack office, and we are eager to help make your chiropractic visit an enjoyable and uplifting experience.

Why Choose Us For Your Recovery


We Are Highly Experienced

Our chiropractors have helped thousands of people in Commack and the surrounding areas find pain relief and recover from their injuries.


We Customize Your Care

Receive a full examination and diagnosis of your injury followed by a customized treatment plan of chiropractic care and other therapies we provide.


Insurance Accepted

Depending on the type of insurance you have or the type of injury, your insurance may cover your treatment. We are happy to verify benefits and help file insurance claims.

We accept United Health insurance
We accept Bluecross Shield health insurance
We accept Aetna health insurance
We accept GHI health insurance
We accept Oxford Health insurance
We accept Magna Care health insurance
We accept NYSHIP health insurance
We accept No Fault / Car Accidents
We accept Cigna health insurance

What Our Patients Are Saying

Listen to our patients share their experiences and find out why we are the top-rated chiropractic clinic in the Commack area.

*Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

Suffering From These Symptoms?

Chiropractic care can relieve most symptoms and conditions. See the symptoms below for more information.

Why Choose
Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care has the following benefits:

  • Alleviates aches and pain caused by your injury
  • Reduces inflammation surrounding your injury
  • Reduces any stiffness you may be experiencing
  • Alleviates whiplash effects
  • Alleviates headaches caused by your injury
  • Reduces soft tissue damage
  • Speeds up recovery

Meet Our doctors

Meet our doctors that are ready to help you heal and improve your lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When Should I Visit a Chiropractor?

You should visit a chiropractor when you have a back injury, a neck injury, or have issues with your joints.

You can benefit from getting your spine checked, whether you have pain or not. Do you see a dentist every six months? Why? To check for cavities, you can't feel! Why wait until your spine hurts? Get checked today. Call us at (631) 499 6180 to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

Pain is the reason people initially go to the chiropractor. Chiropractic adjustments can help you function and feel better. Those who have experienced these adjustments report having less pain, greater freedom of movement, better sleeping patterns, and an improved sense of well-being. Daily stress like work, commuting, emotional stress, and having no time for your needs can all be hard on the body. Many people go to the chiropractor to help maintain an optimal state of health. How often they go generally depends on lifestyle factors, like exercise, stress reduction, and nutrition.

At Active Chiropractic Care, we correct and stabilize your spinal condition and help you feel better faster. Once you finish your initial treatments, it is up to you to continue care or not.

Most insurance companies acknowledge that chiropractic care is an effective treatment for musculoskeletal disorders and injuries. Insurance coverage can significantly vary, and we recommend contacting your insurance company to discuss your benefits for chiropractic care. Please contact us about the insurances we accept; our staff will do their best to assist you with your insurance coverage.

Online Reviews

We know how good our chiropractic care is, but we would prefer if you heard it from our patients.

Rason's 5-star Google review for Active Chiropractic Care

One of best offices I have ever been to. From the moment you walk in the door, you can feel the positive energy. The staff is supportive and energetic, the doctors are very caring, informative and charismatic, and the facility is modern and motivating. The way I feel after adjustments is incredible. I truly feel the benefits of their care and I see the improvement of my spine. Active Chiropractic Care is great! There hasn't been an instance where I have ever felt unwelcome, unseen, or unsupported. This place gives amazing service!! Everyone should come here for their chiropractic care! Hands down 5 stars!

Commack, New York
Debbie D's 5-star Facebook review for Active Chiropractic Care

I’ve been a patient of Active Chiro for the past year. I started going 3 times a week for lower back pain. Now I go once a week, or every other week to keep limber. The entire team are wonderful and Dr. Pollett has been wonderful. This holiday season is much more enjoyable being able to move without pain!

Debbie D.
Commack, New York
Jess C.'s 5-star Yelp review for Active Chiropractic Care

If I could give it 10/10 I would. Best chiropractic practice I've been too. Great doctors, great communication, great office and staff. Everyone is so friendly. They explain everything to you and truly care about you. I've been to a few "great" chiropractors but this place blows everywhere I've gone to out of the water.

Jess C.
Levittown, New York
Joe H.'s 5-star Yelp review for best chiropractor

I've been a patient here for the last 3 months and I've had such a great success with my treatment. Dr. A and Dr. P are great at what they do and truly care about your health and making sure your treatment goes well. The staff and doctors are friendly, personable, and knowledgeable. Its makes going to the chiropractor an enjoyable experience and something to look forward to every week. I recommend these guys to anyone thats looking for chiropractic care, you will not be disappointed.

Joe H.
Commack, New York
Aleesha A.'s 5-star Google review for chronic back pain relief

I have suffered with chronic pain and arthritis in my back for most of my life and I’ve been coming to this facility for a few weeks now. I can say with confidence that I am in the best hands (literally). Dr. Pollet is so experienced and dedicated to all of his patients' health. I feel so relieved with the progress I’m making and can’t wait for the future-me. My favorite part about this office is the staff. From the moment I walk in, the girls at the front (shout out to Alexa, Ariel, and Michelle) always make me feel valued and excited to be there. Anthony is also informative when it comes to maintaining the progress I am making with stretches and exercises. The office is buzzing with passionate staff and it truly feels like a sanctuary for health and wellness! This office has a stellar foundation and I can see it expanding very quickly in the future.

Aleesha A.
Commack, New York
Rene N's 5-star Facebook review for best Neuropathy Treatment

Active chiropractics care has changed my life. I have been going a couple of months and now my hips don’t hurt when I walk, the numbness in my legs has disappeared, the tingling in my arm has stopped, and my neck has so much more flexibility. The office staff are such caring and helpful people. The whole office knew my name by the second time I went and every time I went everyone was so friendly! They recommended I purchase a pillow which has changed my life and now I sleep all night with so much less tossing and turning. I never imagined making an appointment here would have such an impact on all aspects of my life! Thank you active chiropractic care!

Rene N.
Commack, New York

*Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

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